What is Hjördis?

Hjördis is a site that showcases graphic content created inhouse at architect firm Tengbom's marketing department.


What is the purpose of Hjördis?

Her primary purpose is to inspire and aid Tengbom employees in creating their own content for client pitches, presentations, etcetera. Just download anything you like and use it however you want. 


Why is this a public site?

Even though this site is created with Tengbom employees in mind, anyone is welcome to browse, download and use the content listed on this site.

We believe that sharing is caring.

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Who created this beautiful site?

We're glad you asked. Our names are Nina Lindgren and Christoffer Skogsmo and we are Art Directors at Tengbom. 


I have another question, what to do?

Send an email to Nina and/or Chris.